Fraser Institute

Sharing economic freedom data with the world.

The Fraser Institute's (FI) mission is to "improve the quality of life for Canadians, their families, and future generations by studying, measuring, and broadly communicating the effects of government policies, entrepreneurship, and choice on their well-being."


User-Experience Design // Creative Direction // UI Design

The Challenge

We were tasked with redesigning FI's Economic Freedom site, in order to make it more visually-engaging and easy to navigate for users while keeping the current brand found on the FI main webpage. Originally, the Economic Freedom site was all text and PDF resources for graphs and heat maps — no interactivity at all.

Our solution was to pull the data out of a standard table view and allow the user to interact with it through maps, graphs, and a variety of filters.

Weeks and months after site launch, the Fraser Institute was flooded with emails from researchers around the globe to give them praise for the new site experience.