design principles.

I approach my projects with the design principles listed below. I use them as a compass for finding creative solutions.

01  Seek real understanding

Good design seeks to understand. Understand your users, their needs, constraints and what problems you are trying to solve. Take a step back and empathize with your users.

02  Everything with a purpose

When developing a new design, each little detail on the screen should be placed there purposefully. When you design with intention, every colour, type treatment, content hierarchy, animation, etc. is there to enhance the experience. Throw away unnecessary elements and you'll have a cleaner, more enjoyable user experience.

03  Allow room to grow

In a world where both technology and web standards are constantly changing, design should always leave room for the opportunity to grow and adapt with the times. Good design is executed with the ability to expand from a solid foundation, instead of constantly replacing previous solutions.

04  Engage and delight

Seek to engage and delight the users who are interacting with your design. This can be realized in many ways, such as impactful animations, clever copy, personalization and more. How are you creating an enjoyable experience?

05  Inspire trust

Good design inspires trust with its users. When creating a digital experience, strive to eliminate hesitation, frustration and lack of understanding from those who are interacting with your design. Create a design system that anticipates the needs of users and builds familiarity with similar information and actions.

06  Be less machine and more human

A digital experience should feel natural to users. Good design feels "human" through careful consideration of copy, actions, helpful hints, etc. Allow your users to feel as if they are having a conversation with another person, rather than interacting with a machine-like system.

07  Keep moving forward

Technology is alive, constantly changing, growing and creating new opportunities. Good design seeks to keep moving forward by never being satisfied with "the way things are". Are you pushing the boundaries to deliver a completely new and innovative experience?