Tagga Marketing Platform

One marketing platform, to rule them all.

The Tagga Marketing Platform (TMP) collects data from all of a client's channels whether they are eCommerce, social media, web analytics, email service providers, etc. Imagine having a single piece of software that combines that data into a unique, custom-tailored consumer profile. Clients also have the ability to create detailed segments and reports to inform their marketing strategies and to target the best demographic for maximum ROI.


User-Experience Design // Creative Direction // Art Direction // Development Team Management


Vancouver, Canada

The Challenge

The product, and the company, went through several pivots with their platform offering from 2012-2016. During the first few years, we learned that there was a need for Marketers to make sense of all the noise, the different applications, and data. The ability to show the connection between marketing connections across all media to measurable results was key.

I worked closely with our VP of Product and CTO in order to deliver functional, easy-to-use features and user experience. I had the opportunity to develop new concepts and lead brainstorming meetings to push our product ahead of the competition — developing features, UX strategies, graphs and other visualizations.

It was about finding that "sweet spot" between meeting the client's needs and achieving our business goals as a company.