For over three years, I helped build E.D.SMITH's online brand from scatch branding exercises, digital campaigns, and creative marketing.

E.D.SMITH is a family-oriented traditional brand that has been in Canada for generations. Their delicious jams and assorted products leave your mouth watering and your heart singing. When we started, E.D.SMITH had no digital or social media presence. Together, we developed an engaging and heart-warming online-brand with customers who are continually more engaged then other well-known competitors.

When it comes to our success, I guess you can say the "proof is in the pudding" — or in this case, the jam.

adidas & NBA #NBASwingman Campaign

TasteCreator Community

In partnership with E.D.SMITH, we developed an online-community brand to bring a modern voice to a traditional company. We centered their new online brand around the ideas of creativity, sharing, community and family.

"Every favourite recipe has great moments that go with it: the cake you created for her birthday party, the waffles you make together on lazy Sundays, or that perfect pie they ask for every holiday. Through our new TasteCreator Community, E.D.SMITH® wants to celebrate those moments and the people and recipes behind them. It's a place where everyone can be inspired, be creative and share with each other.

Just like you invite friends to your dinner table to share a delicious meal, we think of our online community as one big table where everybody can connect, participate and have fun! You will find recipes to be inspired by, post recipes and photos to inspire others..."


Creative Direction // Art Direction // Marketing/Advertising Strategy



Strategy & Campaigns:  2013-2016

From 2013-2016, we created year-long marketing strategies and creative tactics in order to grow the social media and online presence of E.D.SMITH. Throughout these campaigns were were able to apply our agile marketing method to constantly test and change campaign pieces in order to produce better results, and a better experience for customers. From budget, to placement of campaign site buttons and even copy — the entire consumer experience was reviewed and consistently improved upon. Plus, it was a whole lot of fun.


Concept and Campaign Strategy // User-Experience // Creative Direction // Art Direction


Canada (excluding Quebec)